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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfied employees are critical for the success of any enterprise. The fact that workforce motivation rests on a variety of factors of which compensation level is just one makes it imperative for HR managers to investigate and understand such factors. A well-designed Customer Satisfaction Survey can be extremely useful.

When conducting employee surveys, the following should be considered:

  • It may make employees more comfortable if you offered a third-party backed anonymity of response. Not only will you get better response rates, but responses will be more candid.
  • Build and promote a “culture of trust” in your organization, so that employees feel confident that criticism of management does not jeopardize their standing in the organization. Conversely, by providing them proper ways to channel such feedback, even if it is in the form of criticism, you allow them to express their ideas in a constructive way.
  • Consider deploying the same survey over multiple years. This way you will have a chance to implement changes based on employee feedback and study impact of those changes on employee perception.
  • In addition to one major study, you may run several short surveys on specific topics administered to a subset of employees.
  • Collaboration and ability to share data can be a significant project requirement that is often overlooked at the start of many employee survey projects. Findings of employee feedback need to be communicated with employees as well as local HR managers in addition to senior management. Ensuring each person has permission to view select data and not more is important for successful data sharing and collaboration.

Sample Employee Satisfaction Surveys