Employee Surveys
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Employee Surveys

A motivated workforce is the greatest asset of any organization. Periodic surveys of employees give senior leadership a “pulse” of the organization. Survey findings can help management identify and capitalize on new opportunities and address issues that hinder employee productivity.

Employee surveys come in a variety of flavors. Employee satisfaction surveys give employees a chance to express their thoughts on and rate their satisfaction with working conditions. Increasingly organizations are also deploying Employee Engagement surveys. Engagement surveys explore what factors motivate employees to go above and beyond what is expected of them in their positions. 360 Feedback studies help employees rate their peers and superiors.

Special topic surveys include:

  1. Assessment of benefits package
  2. Vendor/supplier assessment
  3. Feedback on specific HR services
  4. 360 Feedback

Conducting Employee surveys online offers the advantage of immediacy and analytical capabilities that come with it. What once took weeks and months can now be accomplished in a matter of days and with greater accuracy.