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Survey Collaboration

Collaborate with all stakeholders. Give other users permission to view any data you choose – by mere point & click. Typical uses:

  • Review of survey questions prior to launching survey
  • Monitoring response rates once survey is launched
  • Selecting most appropriate reporting format and customizing data presentation
  • Running reports in real-time as survey responses are received

Collaboration allows the wisdom of many to bear on a project and enhances the quality of survey project. Without proper tools, collaboration can be a logistical burden. In Zarca’s online survey platform we have built collaboration as key part of your survey-related activity.

You have the option to provide other users with unique login ID and password. Each user is assigned permission levels that define the data they can access.

Sharing reports is also easy using the ReportShare feature. This allows you to type the email addresses of each person with whom you intend to share a report. ReportShare sends an email with a secure link and the report is merely a click away.