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Sample Surveys for Associations/ Sample Questions for Surveys for Associations

The purpose of this survey is to determine salary and promotion rates for professionals within the same field. This survey investigates the careers and career development of professionals in the FIELD. Your feedback is extremely valuable. Thank you for your time.
For how many years have you been working in the FIELD? Please count the years from your first job to now.
What was the position in which you started your career in the FIELD? Please provide a specific title if possible.
For how many years have you worked for your current employer?
What is your current position? Please provide a specific title, if possible.
Please describe your work responsibilities in your current position. You may want to describe your overall company function, your day-to-day duties, or other aspects of your work.
Characters Remaining:
Approximately how many people work for your employer?
One - I am self-employed
2 - 15
16 - 75
76 - 200
201 - 500
More than 500
How many employees report directly to you?
1 - 3
4 - 10
11 - 25
More than 26
What is the title of the person who is your direct manager or supervisor?
We would like to discover the types of educational backgrounds that people in the FIELD have. Please share this information in the next several questions.
Did you obtain an undergraduate degree?
In what year did you obtain your undergraduate degree?
What was your undergraduate major?
Do you have a graduate or professional degree?
In what year did you obtain your latest graduate or professional degree?
In what subject or field did you obtain your latest graduate or professional degree?
Thinking about your last academic or professional degree, how relevant would you say it is to your current position?
Not at all
A little bit
Very much
What is the name of the company for which you currently work?
In which state do you work?
Please indicate which of the following benefits your employer provides and for which you are currently eligible.
Medical Insurance
Dental or Vision Insurance
Long-Term Disability Insurance
Short-Term Disability Insurance
Life Insurance
Pension Plan
Retirement Plan/401(k) WITHOUT additional company contributions
Retirement Plan/401(k) WITH additional company contributions
10 days or fewer of Vacation Time
11 - 15 days of Vacation Time
16 or more days of Vacation Time
Company Discounts or Corporate Discounts
Annual Raises
Other Benefits
How long do you intend to remain employed by this company?
Less than a year
1 - 3 years
4 - 8 years
More than 8 years
Don't Know
How selective would you say your company is in hiring its employees?
Not at all selective
A little selective
Somewhat selective
Very selective
Extremely selective
What is your current annual base salary?
What was your last year's annual base salary?
What, if any, was the amount of your most recent bonus?
In what year did you have your latest promotion or career advancement?
Do you receive any other form of compensation from your employer?
What type of compensation is it?
What is the amount of money you can earn annually through this additional compensation?
What is your age?
What is your gender?