Zarca Interactive is committed to providing quality solutions and services that empowers our customers to view and use feedback data as a strategic asset.


Zarca Interactive provides an unrivaled enterprise grade technology platform, survey research expertise, and a world class service quality so our customers have a single source for all their survey needs. Our survey platform is designed by survey professionals. Survey Best Practices are incorporated into the system's operations which facilitates high quality surveying for our customers.

Enterprise-Grade Software
Our solution scales as your survey needs grow. Whether there is only one researcher in the organization or several hundred, LDAP integration and centralized account management enable each user with seamless user experience.

Better Quality Data, Higher Response Rates
Researchers and survey professionals dread a gigo (garbage in, garbage out) fate for their surveys. Data validation and integration of operational data into surveys through pre-population ensures integrity of survey data. Trusted Email Relay solution significantly improves the delivery of emails to recipient mail box by getting around spam filters which drives up response rates.

Support for all Modes
Your enterprise may not be ready to move all its surveys online. Zarca's solution supports both in-bound and outbound phone surveys. We also provide an integrated solution for customers who need data entry for paper surveys.

Integrated Reporting and Analysis
While data collection is central to any survey, it's only the means to an end. The end goal is uncovering of new trends and truths. With Zarca's advanced reporting and analysis engine, reporting does not have to be an after-thought. Our solution allows for real-time reporting including ad-hoc queries, slicing & dicing of data, construction of tables and presentation-grade charts on the fly.

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