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Ensure Quality Survey Response Data

Low-Quality Data is Meaningless
Surveying can arm your organization with actionable insights on critical issues. However, surveys are not an exact science.

There are numerous biases and errors that surveys are susceptible to. If not properly accounted for, these inaccuracies can make the data you collect worthless and your entire research initiative pointless. What good is survey data if you are unable to draw valid insights from it?

Zarca’s Remedy
Our platform is fully designed to help survey administrators eliminate instances of low-quality data. Surveys have an anonymity feature that promotes honest, unfiltered feedback. For numerical question types, our system can validate responses to check if they fall within reasonable parameters. To eliminate skewed results from participants casting multiple responses to a survey, Zarca also offers private key surveys that ensure each respondent completes only one survey.

In this section:
Data validation
Extract best-of-breed data with Zarca’s intelligent survey software.

Statistical validity
Choosing a random population and including a clear margin of error are survey research best practices.

GIGO-proof data
“Garbage-In-Garbage-Out”. If the data you collect is suspect, then the insights gathered from that data will also be suspect.

In some cases, participants will give better feedback to a survey when they know their responses won’t be linked to their identity.