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Gather Low-Cost Data

Survey Smarter - Not Harder
Surveys have come a long way from their first incarnations. From door-to-door interviews, mall-intercept surveys, computer-aided telephone interviews (CATI), and postal surveys, every method of surveying prior to online surveys had one major flaw in common: high overhead costs.

Whether staffing call centers to administer CATI surveys or paying postage for thousands of mail surveys, these manual methods of data collection tend to be very costly and time-consuming. This is where online surveys come in.

Online surveys lower response timelines to fractions of what they once were, yield significantly higher response rates, and support massive volumes of surveys without any incremental costs.

Intelligent Surveying
Not only do Zarca’s web-based surveys save your organization substantial time and money, they also generate higher-quality feedback presented on an enterprise-wide platform. Many online survey providers excel in data collection, but leave out extensive reporting and collaboration features, which is where we believe the true value in surveying lies.