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Data Export Format Types

Data Format Options

Whether your organization uses MS Office applications, CSV, or analytic tools like SPSS, our data export options provide all the necessary means for your back-end exporting needs.

  • MS Excel- Excel-friendly export provides Survey Administrators and sub-account users with a popular export option with this MS Office spreadsheet application.
  • CSV- This stands for “Comma-Separated Variable”, also sometimes referred to as a “flat file”; this file type uses ASCII text and separates column values by a comma.
  •  XML- Export survey data into Extensible Markup Language in order to create and format your own, specific markup tags.
  •  SPSS- Export your findings into this widely-used predictive analytics tool.
  •  MS Access- Another widely-used MS Office application, survey data can be stored in your Access database to query for future comparisons and benchmarking.
  •  MS Word- MS Office’s popular word processing application can import your survey data for use in various reports and other documents.
  •  HTML- Make your survey a Web-ready page with the click of an icon. This is beneficial when you want to share data with your respondents and other stakeholders.
  •  Zarca1- This in-house-designed spreadsheet application looks and acts like Excel and is another option for your data export needs.