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Email Reports & User Permissions

Form Consensus on Survey Issues
Collaboration makes for more successful survey campaigns, and should be present from the beginning to the end of the process. Survey designers should consult with all relevant colleagues before crafting questions and distributing surveys. Other people within the organization may have strategic input into how respondents would answer a certain type of question or react to a particular subject matter.

Getting everyone involved in monitoring response rates, choosing report types, customizing presentations and running reports allows the post-survey analysis phase to draw from the expertise of many, and yields more meaningful findings and actions.

How to Collaborate with Zarca Interactive
Sharing ideas is easy with Zarca. Our system is set up using permission-based access, which defines the data users can view. By allowing specific people to log-in to the platform and work on their respective tasks, your initiatives become more efficient. The delegation of various survey duties thus becomes more structured, and survey administrators know exactly who is working on which task.

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MS Office Integration
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