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The Strategic Advantage of Your
Strategic Account Manager

Every Zarca client - regardless of account size or project scope - has a dedicated strategic account manager to ensure you understand our technology and to help you strategize and develop your survey initiatives.
Here is how your strategic account manager can help:
  • Survey Review: Your strategic account manager can provide a fully tailored review of your survey initiative to ensure you are meeting the goals of your project and needs of your organization. We will review your survey for proper use of question types, formatting and customization, and suggest platform features that you may not be utilizing fully.

  • Strategy Discussion: Need to send your survey to prospective participants but don't have everyone's email addresses? Unsure of how to integrate all your data and generate reports? Have a project so complicated you're not sure where to begin?

    That's why we're here. Every day, Zarca's strategic account managers partner with clients to address just these types of strategy-related questions. Your strategic account manager takes the time to fully understand your organization's survey goals, offers advice based on proven survey best practices, and stays by your side to help you apply those practices to your own project.

  • Managed Survey Project: Your strategic account manager can also manage your entire project. Provide us your survey goals, information about your prospective audience, and your timeline. We will then create, deploy, and run reports for your survey. Whatever the scope of your project, your Zarca strategic account manager is an extension of your team.

  • Additional Products and Services: If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the features in your account, talk to your strategic account manager. Your strategic account manager will provide guidance on additional features that better match the Zarca tool to your unique needs.

Learn at your preferred pace:

Zarca is a do-it-yourself solution, so we offer a comprehensive selection of training videos that explain both the basics and the finer nuances of the Zarca system. Training is on-demand for all Zarca clients.
  • Personalized Training: Could your team benefit from more personalized training on our platform? Let your strategic account manager know, and we will schedule a free webinar-based training session or visit your team for an in-person training. Whatever your company's needs, Zarca has customized training to help.

Contact your strategic account manager today:

  • Rebecca Crocker, Strategic Account Manager
    Zarca Interactive, LLC
    (703) 542-9563 or
    Monday to Friday 8:30 AM ET - 5:30 PM ET

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