Data Analysis & Reporting
Zarca's industry-leading, robust analytic tools and reports go beyond mere averages with advanced drill-down and slicing capabilities.
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Survey Reporting & Analysis

Survey analysis is when raw data is turned into actionable insight and is critical for successful outcomes. That is why we offer the most robust and flexible Survey Reporting and Analysis suite you will find. Whether you need to cross-tabulate results, analyze open-text responses or compare data segments, we have analytic tools for all of your data slicing needs.
Dynamic Reports
Bar Graph
Zarca offers users the most extensive set of survey questions available complete with 24 dynamic types to gather the precise data you're after.
Cross Tab
Slice data from up to three survey questions to uncover valuable correlations. Counts and/or percentages can be applied to make presentations easier to understand.
Individual Report
The Individual Report displays complete results for each survey participant. The value of this report is the ability to drill-down into individual respondents' answers.
Verbatim Report
The Verbatim Report extracts inisghts that may not even be on your radar. This report allows you to set conditions to analyze similar segments of open-text resposnes.
Conditional Report
The Conditional Reports allows you to set filters that draw from the total data set to discover actionable insights on sub-group relationships between questions.
Pivot Table
The robust Pivot table enables you to cross tabulate one question against every other quesiton in a survey.
Comparison Report
The Comparison Report enables you to conduct valuable Segmentation Analysis by showing side-by-side attributes of 2-5 questions in bar graph format.
Response Table
The Response Table allows you to view how each respondent answered specific survey questions.
Frequency Table
The Frequency Report allows you to view how many times each answer for each question was selected.
Statistical Report
The Statistical Report lets you compare valuable statistical measures of a specific question, with those of the complete data set.

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