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Advantages of a Hosted Survey

The software behind Zarca’s online survey solution runs on Zarca’s servers. You will never need to install any software or utility on your computer. Simply launch a Web Browser and you are ready to go. There are additional benefits to this model. You will never have perform data backups or other maintenance activities such as software updates and upgrades. Welcome to the world of software as a service.

The servers running Zarca’s software are located at highly specialized facilities called Data Centers. Data Centers ensure the following:

  1. Physical security of servers. Access to facilities is highly restricted, controlled by 24x7 security personnel, biometric devices and video cameras.
  2. Power supply that never goes out: To ensure that Zarca’s clients have uninterrupted access to our solution even during minor power outages we sometimes experience, Data Centers provide redundancy of power including uninterruptible power supplies and power generators.
  3. Internet Connection that never goes down: Since our users are connected to our servers through the Internet, if the connection were interrupted for any reason, all our users would be impacted. Data Centers ensure this never happens through highly specialized technology.