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Boost Response Rates

Response Rates: The Key to Quality Data
A high response rate for surveys ensures that the sample data will be more representative of the research population your organization is studying. When making strategic decisions based on survey data, it is critical that the data embodies the group of stakeholders you are trying to gain insight into. Otherwise, these decisions will be ineffectual and the time and resources spent on surveying will have been in vain.

Once the size and composition of your target research population is determined, there are several “best practices” one must utilize to ensure a strong response.

In this section:
Reach participants (avoid Spam traps)
Ensure survey invites reach their intended destination with Zarca’s trusted “Email Relay”.

Best timing for surveys
Time your survey invites as conveniently as possible for your participants.

Best mode for surveys
Although online surveys are an extremely convenient option, some participants will prefer other modes (phone, postal, etc.).

Gentle reminders
Instead of abandoning non-responders, send them a politely-worded invite reminder.

Make a compelling case: communicate interest and trust
When an individual is interested in your study and trusts that you’re not Spam, they’re much more likely to respond.

Make your invitation appealing
The look and feel of your invites should both convey professionalism and be aesthetically-pleasing.

Don’t abuse survey participants - reward them
Over-surveying your valued participants will create “survey fatigue”. Ensure a positive long-term relationship by rewarding them with only a few surveys per year, sharing survey results, and offering other valuable incentives.

Advanced Features to Improve Response Rates
When participants know their responses are anonymous, they’re more likely to participate in a survey and give straightforward feedback.

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