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Reward, Don’t Abuse, the Kindness of Survey Participants

Increase Response Rates: Survey Etiquette and Rewards

The working survey relationships between Survey Administrators and participants should be as “win/win” as possible. Think of their participation as an act of generosity or kindness.

They are giving you their time in order to supply you with information that will be used to draw valuable insights and address important issues. How can you repay their kindness?

You can reward their participation by not abusing their space. Sending out too many invites or reminders can damage your relationship.

At some point, participants will feel their relationship with you is becoming unbalanced and experience survey fatigue. This would cause a disconnect in taking your surveys that usually ends with the participant never taking your surveys again.


Friends do each other favors. But when one friend is always doing more favors than the other, the person doing all the favors feels some discontent with the other person. It’s the same way with your survey participants. If you’re constantly sending them invites and reminders, they’ll become immune to them and respond less and less, until they don’t respond at all.

Too many invites/reminders can push your participants away and cause survey fatigue. Be careful, and don’t get greedy. A person who completes a survey once a year is more valuable than someone who does none at all.