Zarca's Online Survey Solution incorporates the art of surveying into its design…giving every user what was once available only to survey experts.
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Next-Generation Online Survey Solution

The initial wave of online survey tools was limited to web forms that facilitated data collection. Surveying is a lot more than data collection though. Zarca’s innovative solution can serve as expert toolkit for survey professionals incorporating rigorous reporting, controls and best practices at every stage in survey lifecycle.

Our Solution Meets Your Style and Size Requirements

Whether you want an ASP solution (we host and manage the software) or you wish to host it yourself. Whether you want a DIY (Do It Yourself) solution or you want us to manage your surveys. Whether your company has only one user or hundreds of users across multiple location. We are flexible in cost and scope of usage.

We Are a Thought Leader in Online Surveys

There is a lot more to successful surveying than mere data collection. We help our customers succeed with their survey projects. How reliable are the data? What are your error margins? Can you analyze through flexible reporting? Can you easily create Tables and Charts? Can you share them and import them into PowerPoint?

Our Training & Support Enhances Your Experience and the Quality of Your Surveys

Our Training & Support Enhances Your Experience and the Quality of Your Surveys We bring more than good technology to our customers. We help you harness good technology to improve the quality of your surveys. By providing customers unlimited access to training and support, we become your partners in research. This sets us apart from most alternatives you may encounter.

Customer Surveys – Satisfaction, Loyalty & Experience Management

While every organization aspires to incorporate Customer Feedback into its decision-making process, its logistics and costs were once prohibitive. With Zarca’s solution you can eliminate the logistical and cost hurdles without compromising data quality and reliability. Use surveys to improve your customer relationship and enhance customer communication.

Employee Surveys – Comprehensive HR Survey Toolkit

Strategies and solutions for building a company of loyal and committed employees who go above and beyond.