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Online Survey Training and Support

Training on Use of Zarca's Solution
Training sessions using Web conference are offered daily and led by a Zarca Solution Expert. Comprehensive training on use of our solution is provided by breaking these into modules on Survey Design, Survey Deployment, Reporting and Analysis and Account Administration. We understand that you may need refresher trainings and so do not restrict the number of times customers may attend training.

Strategic Account Management
During the course of your survey projects you can call upon the expertise of your assigned Strategic Account Manager. Your Strategic Account Manager will be equally as committed to your success with your survey project. She will offer you assistance in any of the following areas upon request:
  • Overall corporate survey strategy
  • Strategy/approach with respect to a new project
  • Review of your existing questionnaire for any obvious and significant departure from Best Practices
  • Assistance with design of a new questionnaire
  • Best season, time, day of launching a study
  • Consideration of alternate modes of survey deployment Training

Support is provided by our team of US-based Solution Specialists via phone or email during normal business hours. Solution Specialists are well-versed in the operation of our platform and they can assist you should you experience difficulties or need refresher on how you may accomplish a specific task. If your questions need the input of a Relationship Manager, you will be directed to one by your Solution Specialist.

Survey Educational Seminars
Effective surveying is both an art and a science. Add to that the dynamics of the Internet where acceptable behavior and practices quickly become taboos (and the reverse is also certainly true), and you can quickly see why our customers asked us for a Monthly Educational Seminar. This 30-45 minute educational seminar is prepared by a professional with experience and expertise in online surveys. Course curriculum is developed in consultation with clients and presents the latest trends and recommendations on how to be more effective with surveys. Educational seminars are provided as a free service to all customers.