Survey Export
Share enterprise-wide survey data with 8 popular format options including SPSS, MS Excel and CSV.
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Survey Export

Zarca's Survey export module transfers data to external applications and is another powerful backend feature of our platform. Clients have the ability to seamlessly download survey results and reports in a variety of popular formats to share among your organization.
  • Store data in Access to support longitudinal analysis
  • Make HTML versions of results to post on your website
  • Create SPSS, CSV and Excel spreadsheets
  • No extra formatting, just a clean data transfer!

Sharing and storing survey data makes the information more versatile and valuable to your organization.

From the Export Manager main page, users can quickly export a selected survey’s results via the blue quick links tab at the top and bottom of the page.

Zarca Export Manager

Export Manager – A Quick Look

Export Codes
Assign codes for increased analytical clarity and organization of large amounts of data.

Data Format Types
8 convenient options for exporting data.

SPSS Download
Clients who use SPSS can download survey data directly into this format.