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Data Format Types

Data Format Options
Zarca’s Export Manager offers users a comprehensive list of format options for exporting data from the platform to external applications.

MS Excel - Excel export provides a popular spreadsheet format option that is widely-used and is a convention in the professional world.

CSV - “Comma-Separated Variable”, also sometimes referred as a “flat file”, uses ASCII text and separates column values with a comma.

XML - “Extensible Markup Language” is a subset of “Standard Generalized Markup Language” (SGML) and allows users to share survey data using their own markup tags.

SPSS - This software package facilitates management, analysis, sorting, merging and manipulating of survey data.

MS Access - Another widely-used MS Office application, Access can store survey data accessible by query and can be used for benchmarking and longitudinal analysis.

MS Word - MS Office’s popular word processing application can import survey data for use in reports and other documents.

HTML - This format option allows users to create a Web-ready version of survey results to facilitate sharing among various stakeholder groups.

Zarca1 - This “in-house” spreadsheet application “looks and acts” like MS Excel and is another effective format for data export.