Zarca's feedback solution empowers Universities to quantify perceptions of their academic community and make valuable improvements.
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Surveys for Educational Institutions

Universities keep a solid pulse on the opinions and attitudes of students, professors, alumni and administration using Zarca's online survey feedback. Moving from yesterday's manual, time-consuming methods of attitudinal data collection, higher education institutions are realizing the strategic benefits of Zarca's centralized, collaborative feedback infrastructure.

Surveys for Educational Institutions
The university-level educational sphere serves many vital constituents who require continual communication to ensure their concerns and experiences are being proactively listened and responded to.

Zarca Interactive's online survey solution supports meaningful feedback exchange between everybody who has an impact on the university:

  • Students/parents
  • Professors
  • Alumni
  • University administrators
  • Departmental staff
  • Employees
  • Local/Regional communities
  • State legislators
  • Other university communities

Evolve Your Survey Research Method
Many universities still employ out-of-date processes to collect feedback from stakeholders in their academic community.

Paper-based, face-to-face (F2F) interaction and phone surveys are chief among these antiquated data gathering techniques.

Zarca's innovative online survey technology saves universities significant time and fiscal resources and integrates with these methods as a "multi-modal" solution, or one that comprises several methods of survey distribution.

Survey administrators can effortlessly:

  • Import paper, phone, or F2F survey results
  • Analyze aggregated multi-modal survey data
  • Collaborate among colleagues at any stage of the survey lifecycle
  • Run advanced reporting and analysis
  • Access unlimited training and support
  • Monitor up-to-the-minute response rates and panel participation
  • Deploy anonymous surveys for increased respondent candidness

See how Union College utilizes our solution to garner valuable perceptions from their student-athletes

University Applications of Zarca's Solution:

  • Departmental research
  • Climate Surveys
  • Bond Referendum
  • HR Surveys
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness
  • Opinion Polls
  • University Name Change
  • University Expansion Surveys

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