Organization-Wide Collaboration
Data collaboration and data sharing among your employees, customers, and members of your organization is an often overlooked component of forming consensus.

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible to address issues brought up right before a survey is launched. That is why it is so important to get everyone who is a stakeholder involved with reviewing the survey from the beginning.

To effectively eliminate objections in advance, all interested parties should be involved with the creation and distribution of surveys to work out strategic differences before its too late.

Zarca Interactive’s consolidated solution allows an organization to implement survey initiatives across the entire organization through user-based permission levels and folder management.

In this section:
Folder Management
Folders allow users to access their specific survey projects to increase collaboration of all survey initiatives.

Collaboration During Survey Design
Avoid last-minute complications by collaborating with all pertinent users in the early phases of survey creation.

Share Results With Stakeholders
Sharing results with survey respondents is a franchise-building practice that promotes trust and increased future response rates.

MS Office Integration
Zarca’s export capabilities support seamless transfer of survey data to MS Office applications.