Survey Distribution
Spam filters are a menace to your email invitations, but not with Zarca’s Trusted Email Relay.
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Survey Distribution

Zarca’s Distribution Manager module gives administrators the ability to manage every aspect of survey distribution.

Zarca allows clients to effectively manage their panel and monitor participation status with Survey Distribution Manager.

Clients can easily create and send highly-customizable email invites and reminders, track up-to-minute survey participation and response rates, send Offline Invites, create and deploy frequently-used panel lists and personalize invites/reminders with Mail Merge.

Zarca Distribution Manager

Distribution Manager – A Quick Look

Campaign Management
Manage invites, panel lists and monitor participation status.

Advanced Distribution Features
Bypass Spam filters, test invites before sending them, personalize invites and more.

Participant Convenience
Send offline invites, apply opt-outs and faxed responses.