Government agencies and institutions can realize new efficiencies through gathering and analyzing a diverse range of public information with Zarca’s secure survey software.
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Surveys for Government

From public opinion feedback to Census information, Zarca’s online surveys provide the perfect medium to request information from a broad audience. Zarca’s feedback solution is uniquely capable of gathering virtually any information that is of interest to a federal entity. We also provide robust reporting and analysis engine to aggregate the total data or drill-down into data sub-sets.

Surveys for Government
As the thought leader in online survey software, Zarca understands the unique and demanding requirements of public sector research.

Gathering, analyzing and acting on reliable information is a routine, yet critical process for many governmental entities.

However, many agencies still conduct surveys in a decentralized, ad-hoc manner that is time-consuming, can duplicate efforts and squander valuable resources.

Our solution leverages industry best practices, robust software and advanced analytics to enable local, state and federal institutions to securely and effectively garner high-quality constituent data using a fraction of the time and resources of yesterday’s manual methods.

Our clients’ information is securely maintained in a state-of-the-art data center and we abide by strict privacy and confidentiality standards Privacy Policy

Characteristics of our Solution:

  • On-Demand-ASP (application service provider)
  • Permission-based access to survey projects
  • Drill-down capabilities, cross tab, trend and other advanced 360 degree analytics
  • Highly-secure data warehouse/storage
  • Advanced design features (branching, piping, etc.)
  • Touch Rules Manager increases response rates up to 300%
  • Real-time panel monitoring and management

Sample Issues in Government Surveys:

  • Public Employment and Payroll Data
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Compliance/Governance
  • Public Opinion
  • Census Information
  • Inter-Agency Communication
  • Urban Revitalization
  • Veteran Affairs
  • State Budgets and Taxes

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