Survey Design
Zarca offers a wide range of dynamic survey question types that can be matched to extract desired information from respondents.
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Survey Design

Zarca offers companies and associations the most advanced survey design tools within a highly user-friendly environment. Complex features like branching and piping and graphic tools are easily implemented without any prior survey design experience.
Survey Design
Zarca provides the most advanced step-by-step survey creation within a highly user-friendly environment. Our Survey Design suite offers a range of dynamic question types, custom templates, branding and graphics tools and other intelligent features to ensure your unique survey design needs are effectively met.

Custom Survey Branding
View Sample Questions
Zarca offers users the most extensive set of survey questions available complete with 24 dynamic types to gather the precise data you're after.
Survey Templates
Choose from 17 vibrant color templates for surveys or completely customize your own with our palette of over 200 colors.
Logos and Multimedia
Add company images and logos and insert audio and video clips to enhance your participants' experience with interactive media.
Color Settings
Choose one of our pre-designed color templates, match colors to those found on your website or enter your branding scheme's exact hexidecimal codes to ensure surveys match your organization's precise branding standards.

Create Dynamic Surveys
This skip-logic feature is indispensible when every survey quesiton may not apply to a particular respondent's situation. Branching routes each participant through a survey based on their answers to previous questions, which shortens completion time and decreases survey drop-out rates.
Piping is a very useful feature that allows you take a respondent's answer from a previous question and insert it into subsequent questions. This allows you to save time by not having to ask certain questions and appears thoughtful to respondents.

Enhance Surveys
Survey Anonymity
To increase respondent candidness, especially when deploying employee and other HR surveys, we offer the abiilty to set surveys as anonymous. This ensures that no personally-identifiable information such as name, IP or email address is viewable by those administering surveys. The only information that is viewalbe are the responses.
Multilingual Surveys
To cater to a wider, more diverse audience, Zarca offers 21 language options that cater to every major language in the world.

Make your job easier
Survey Bank
Sometimes you won't have time to design a survey. Survey Bank to the rescue. Our software includes a lengthy set of frequently-deployed surveys covering a range of topics, designed and validated by our team of professional survey methodologists.
Wizard-Driven Design
Our software is designed with users foremost in mind. Wizad-driven interface takes you step-by-step through the entire survey design process. We have made your navigation swift by eliminating the number of mouse clicks needed to perform edit functions.
Custom Messages
Why settle for a default message? Zarca enables you to customize your own messages to participants, including introductory messages, closing remarks and notes to help respondents answer certain questions.
Import Survey Data
The Import feature enables you to upload survey data that was collected in previous years or that was collected using some other mode (e.g. phone, paper). This aggregation of survey data supports effective benchmarking studies and multi-modal surveys.