Survey Design
Zarca offers a wide range of dynamic survey question types that can be matched to extract desired information from respondents.
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Survey Questions

Zarca not only helps you collect feedback, they help you do it intelligently using Data Validation processes and other advanced features to ensure the highest-quality data to base your findings with.
Survey Questions
Zarca offers the most complete list of dynamic survey question available. From rating to ranking, multiple-drop downs to gridded-questions, you'll gather targeted data through a diverse set of question formats.

Advanced Question Editing
Edit Questions
Easily format question text, add images and multimedia and view quesiton samples with our Survey Question Editor.
Edit Answers
Insert answer options manually or from the pre-loaded Answer Catalog, import and save answers and set width of textbox questions using our intuitive Survey Answer Editor.
Answer Sequence
Automatically rotate or randomize answer options in a survey to eliminate response biases such as primacy (choosing first option) and recency (choosing based on recent memory).

Answer Catalog
For frequently deployed surveys, instead of manually entering answers, simply select options from our Answer Catalog and save yourself precious time and effort.

More Advanced Features
Our software is loaded with intelligent design features that will conserve valuable space, add personal touches to surveys, create goodwill with your panel and increase response rates.
Personalize Surveys
This feature enables you to pre-fill known respondent data such as name, title, and company seamlessly into your surveys. This helps to highlight the relationship you have with your survey panel and conserve valuable space on your questionnaire.
Redirect URL
Zarca allows you to send survey participants to a website of your choosing upon completion of a survey. This feature is a great e-marketing tool which will drive traffic to your website.
Based on a respondent's answer to a previous part of a question, our IntelliMatrix sets conditions within a grid-type quesiton to determine which topics to probe . The main benefit is that you can combine several questions into one and save participants a lot of time in answering.
Preview Survey
To make sure surveys are error-free and conform to your appearance standards, we offer you the ability to preview any survey before sending it.
Share Results with Respondents
Zarca surveys have the ability to show a bar graph of real-time results at the end of a survey. By sharing survey results with respondents, you are offering an incentive for their time and effectively engaging their interest.
Response Coding
This feature allows you to code both open and close-text responses for the ease of quantifying and analyzing qualitative responses.
Spell Check
What would a comprehensive survey tool be without a way to check spelling? Make sure your surveys don't have any spelling or grammar errors that can undermine the credibility of your study.

Highly Usable Interface
Our platform was designed to provide a seamless user experience. Our easy-to-navigate, Wizard-driven layout will prompt you through survey settings, editing and look-and-feel of survey design and the intuitive interface places every tool you need in the most convenient spots.
Choose Question Location
When adding a survey question, the Edit Wizard will prompt you to select the question type and then its location on the current page.
Rearrange Survey Questions and Pages
Effortlessly rearrange the order of questions and pages of your survey by using "drag-and-drop" or the point-and-click toolbar.
Navigate Between Pages
Move seamlessly in-between survey pages for a more intuitive editing process.
Copy/Paste Surveys
Save time and copy-paste entire surveys straight from your desktop or from our pre-loaded Survey Bank. Also, copy-paste individual pages to rearrange their order in the survey.

Ensure Data Quality
It is vital that survey data collected is high-quality. Non-validated, skewed data will result in findings that don't accurately represent your survey population, and will lead to strategies based on erroneous data. Avoid this with Zarca's intelligent data collection features.
Survey Expiry Rules
This feature allows you to schedule an expiration date for surveys. This is useful when there is a time frame that legitimizes your surveys (e.g. Customer survey on Fall Clothing Line is not relevant in Winter).
Private Surveys
To ensure surveys are only completed once and there is no "ballot-box-stuffing", we offer the ability to set surveys as Private. This will ensure results are not skewed by allowing only those participants with a unique passcode to login and complete a survey.
Data Validation
To avoid data sets being skewed by mis-entered numeric and date responses, our software is designed to flag these instances and prompt respondents to re-enter their answer correctly.