Scalable Survey Solutions
Our feedback solutions are capable of gathering and analyzing millions of survey responses.
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Scalable Survey Solutions

Zarca enables companies and non-profits to centralize survey efforts across the entire organization with a transparent, collaborative system. Decision-makers are all on the same page, with shared access to the same data to drive informed improvement actions actions with our scalable survey solutions.

Most organizations have run surveys on an as-needed, department-by-department basis. At some point though, this becomes problematic, as survey data is lost or duplicated from the decentralized fashion they are conducted in.

Whether your company is small, medium-sized, or a Fortune 500 with thousands of employees, our scalable survey solutions will meet all your research requirements.

Zarca’s solution can tailor to the industry-specific feedback needs of your corporation, non-profit association or educational institution.

We will help you understand your business better through targeted survey research, advanced analysis, best practice implementation and unlimited training and support.

Scalable Survey Solutions – A Quick Look

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