Corporate Feedback Solutions
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Corporate Feedback Solutions

Zarca provides valuable corporate feedback solutions that capture perceptions from customers, employees and other important groups. Our powerful reports and analytics filter that feedback into strategic insight, which is essential for informed decision-making.

Every functional area of a company can benefit from our corporate feedback solutions by making strategic improvements based on an assessment of internal and external processes. Companies have many stakeholders that determine the success of their mission.

Sales and marketing shape the revenue stream. Customer service is the link between management and customers and is paramount in maintaining loyal relationships. Accounting and finance ensure the financial health of the company. Customers dictate a company’s existence.

Continual surveying ensures that you have a constant feel on the pulse of your company. As situations arise, decision makers will possess feedback solutions to address issues before they significantly damage a firm’s reputation and profits.

Corporate Feedback Solutions – A Quick Look

Employee Feedback
Gauge the degree of satisfaction and engagement in your employee base to decrease turnover.

Customer Feedback
Are your customers satisfied? Are they loyal? Keep them from switching brands by successfully targeting their needs.

Shareholder Feedback
Keep your company equitable by addressing concerns of your investors.

Regulatory Compliance & ISO Certification
Stay compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley and protect your profits with certified products.

Event Coordination
Plan better events and get instant feedback on how attendees perceived the event.

Market Research
Survey customers and prospects for qualitative research to increase overall profitability and market share.