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Professional Services

While many of our clients use our solution to manage their surveys in-house, we offer the option to let us manage the logistics of your surveys. This includes the following key elements:

  • Determination of sample frames and number of responses to extract statistically valid and representative data.
  • Programming of surveys for online and telephone access.
  • Managing mailing out and receipt of complete paper surveys.
  • Scanning paper forms and data entry.
  • Certified translation services for surveys in other languages.
We also offer the following services:
Survey Design
Our psychometricians and survey methodologists will work closely with you to understand your business needs and how you wish to use the survey data.

Through their expertise, we guarantee you questionnaires that are demographically and culturally appropriate and do not have the common pitfalls that lead to biased responses. If you have existing surveys, our expert methodologists will help to review and improve upon them.

Data Analysis and Reporting
We can fully assist you in presenting survey results in written reports or executive presentations. Reports are provided as Word documents with the option of including commentary and interpretation. Executive presentations are in PowerPoint format and include key findings in graph and chart formats.
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