Zarca online surveys provide Non-Profit Associations targeted insight to increase member satisfaction and the perceived value of services and benefits.
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Surveys for Non-Profits

Zarca Interactive has partnered with many Non Profit entities to support active dialogue with members and garner reliable survey feedback to support data-driven decisions. Through Zarca, these organizations can implement feedback processes to make information gathering more efficient and yield more actionable outcomes.

Non-profit organizations differ from businesses significantly. Among other things, the primary motives are not revenue or profit. Instead non-profits strive for better member service leading to better member loyalty and membership growth.

There is another significant way in which non-profits have differed from businesses: they have often had to work with fewer resources. Few dedicated staff members have had to increasingly undertake more and more responsibilities. It is important to get creative with your time. It is important to become more efficient.

Zarca’s online survey solution provides that opportunity to help you do more with your time. We have designed a system that can take data from your membership systems. We even integrate with Avectra’s Membership Management System.

We help you conduct all the standard surveys by providing you templates for these. You can use these as your starting point and then customize these as you need by editing the questions and modifying the look & feel to completely match your organization’s website:

  • Membership satisfaction survey
  • Association ballot/vote
  • Pre-conference needs assessment
  • Conference registration
  • Post-conference attendee satisfaction survey
  • Conference vendor satisfaction survey
  • Membership address update
  • Membership loyalty survey
  • Membership needs assessment

Of course, you are welcome to design your own surveys using Zarca’s flexible yet powerful Survey Manager on these or any other topic.

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