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When might you host your own online survey?

Despite the obvious advantages of the on-demand application, there may be instances in which your organization may want to host its own instance of the survey application. Zarca’s solution is available for such self-hosted deployment.

Usually, one or more of the following conditions compel organization to self-host.

  1. An extraordinarily high volume of surveying. Zarca’s online survey has been deployed by one of the two major political parties in America. They do lots and lots of surveys as election time nears.
  2. Highly confidential information. Imagine pre-election online polls run by a candidate or a political party. We can understand and respect the fact that the candidates may feel more comfortable having such information inside their own firewalls.
  3. Highly regulated industries with highly sensitive financial or healthcare information. Even though Zarca’s privacy policy would cover the confidentiality of your data, we understand that in some instances your organization’s leadership may feel more comfortable self-hosting the survey software.

You still have two options:

  1. You may host both the program and the database. This gives you full control over the entire solution.
  2. You may host only the database and leave the management of the program to us.
  3. The second option lowers your maintenance tasks while providing you the security that the database is located inside your firewall.

In addition to the cost of Zarca’s software application, you should include the cost of computer servers, operating system and database software and costs associated with the maintenance of hosted servers.