Non Profit Feedback Solutions
Evaluate conferences, better understand your members and engage your employees.
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Non Profit Feedback Solutions

Zarca Interactive’s non-profit feedback solutions can help associations garner critical insight into the perceptions of their members and donors.

Non-profit organizations have a range of unique issues to explore such as fundraising, board development, volunteer management and the message of the social, political or environmental matters they advocate.

Non-Profit Feedback Solutions – A Quick Look

Member Relations Feedback
An organization’s membership base should be periodically surveyed on overall satisfaction, event attendance/value received, and member services satisfaction.

Conference Planning Feedback
Engaging in successful conference planning, registration and conducting post-conference evaluations are vital to understand how you can motivate more members to attend events.

Fundraising Feedback
Fundraising is a significant portion of a non-profit’s existence, which requires constant attention and alignment of organization and donor values.

Balloting Feedback
Zarca can facilitate board member elections.