Enterprise Feedback Management
Eliminate redundant surveying by consolidating all survey feedback processes within one, centralized platform.
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Enterprise Feedback Management

Zarca Interactive’s Solution is an integral part of a comprehensive Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) initiative. Enterprise Feedback Management can be described as a robust software that centralizes the management and deployment of survey design, distribution and analysis across an organization using varying permission levels for different users.

Our enterprise feedback software integrates seamlessly with your existing data infrastructures (CRM, Salesforce) and provides a valuable source of structured feedback data.

Our advanced analytics allow users to drill-down deep into the data to uncover indispensable trends and correlations that give you an enhanced understanding of your business.

Every action, activity or process within our software is centralized and based on user permission levels, which supports efficient task delegation and collaboration.

This approach adds transparency to all survey projects and helps eliminate redundant surveying. Our enterprise-grade software also supports API and LDAP communication integration.