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Collaboration During Survey Design

Feedback Management: Collaboration During Survey Design

Collaboration on survey design and data sharing with relevant parties in your company or organization leads to consensus on the issue being researched, as well as the best possible design to extract the desired information from respondents.

Enterprise wide consensus on survey design is crucial, because if it is not achieved prior to the deployment of a survey, the results from that survey won’t have as much value to parties who had no say in the survey’s creation.


A manufacturing company wants to survey its distribution clients on how effectively the product is packed and loaded from their factories onto container trucks. Before and during the design of this survey, management should include all related departments in the development of survey questions and data sharing (e.g. factory managers, purchasing managers, loading dock employees, etc.).

With all of these different contributions to surveying the process of packing and loading products into trucks, the survey will incorporate a more comprehensive base of knowledge that will in turn create more quality responses from participants. It also allows creative input into the survey design process early on, which prevents friction from occurring right before the survey is distributed.