From survey design to analysis, our user interface is the most intuitive and comprehensive and ensures successful research outcomes.
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Zarca Survey Software

Zarca Interactive’s intelligent survey software equips organizations with the industry’s most innovative technology and best practices to ensure successful research outcomes.
Although our software offers the most advanced features and capabilities, we challenged ourselves to create a simple user experience that allows the most technology-averse individuals to become power users of the system.

Survey Administration

Zarca's "Home" module allows survey administrators to effectively create and manage sub-account users and perform a host of account-related functions like:
  • Requesting premium features and new surveys
  • Setting user permission levels
  • Creating messages and alerts for account users
  • Specifying email server, date/time and color settings

Design Online Surveys

Our “Survey Manager” module guides users smoothly through all aspects of the design process.

Choose question types, engage in advanced editing, customize survey templates and apply advanced features to surveys.

Survey Distribution

Zarca’s “Distribution Manager” provides clients the ability to customize survey invitations and reminders with personalized messages and branding.

Users can also monitor real-time survey participation and response rates via Zarca’s Distribution Report.

Clients can also manage how often their panel is asked to complete surveys by applying Touch Rules. This vital feature allows users to engage in best practices to avoid respondent survey fatigue.

Data Analysis & Reporting

We pride ourselves on the advanced reporting and analysis options we provide our clients.

Zarca users are quickly able to generate a range of sophisticated reports to extract actionable trends and correlations using our “Report Manager”.

Our reports section supports ad-hoc querying and on-the-fly slicing of survey data to gain quick and powerful insights that can be shared instantly with executive decision-makers.

Data Export

On the backend of the platform, our “Export Manger” allows clients to easily and cleanly download both raw and filtered survey data in a variety of popular formats.

This function is critical for sharing survey data and results on an organization-wide scale.