Delegate staff resources more efficiently on survey initiatives with User Permission Access.
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Survey Account

One of the more powerful aspects of our solution is that we promote collaboration through user-based permission. Instead of only having one, master survey account to access the system, clients are provided as many sub-accounts as they need.

Administrators can then set-up varying levels of permission for these accounts so that colleagues may be delegated specific tasks.

For example, an administrator can set permissions for one employee to only access the survey creation section, while setting permission for another individual to only access the distribution section.

Zarca’s “Home” module enables the account administrator to perform a host of activities related to account settings, premium features and user settings.

The Home module main page provides an overview of all active surveys, complete with title, folder location and a summary of invites delivered and current responses and response rates.

From the left navigation panel, account administrators can quickly access the account administration drop-down menu, the survey calendar, recent surveys, messages and alerts and survey resources.

Zarca Active Surveys

Using the Account administration drop-down menu, under Account Setup, administrators can edit, set permissions, reset passwords and delete existing sub-account users. They can also request new sub-accounts and send an email notification to the user with login and password information.

Zarca Account Setup

Zarca Edit User

Zarca Set Permissions

Zarca Reset Password

Zarca Add User