Zarca provides the tools and templates for consistent surveying that leads to reliable and high quality feedback . Our solution frees up HR professional to focus on driving change based on survey feedback.
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Employee Surveys – Comprehensive HR Survey Toolkit

A satisfied, motivated and inspired workforce is never the result of chance. In an increasingly competitive business world, companies depend on discretionary effort by their employees, such as their resourcefulness and innovation, to stay ahead of competition and meet rising customer expectations.

Zarca’s comprehensive survey solution with its library of HR surveys serves as a Human Resources Survey Toolkit simplifying surveying for HR managers. The ability to deploy third-party backed anonymous surveys allow for candid, high quality employee feedback to reach managers. Integration with HR Information Systems enables easy deployment of 360 and other workforce surveys. Zarca’s analysis and reporting engine delivers in-depth analysis of employee feedback to managers and executives.

Building a Culture of Trust in your Company
It is not unusual for work environments to have a purely perceptional employee-management divide. This “us vs. them” feeling ranges in intensity from benign to dangerous, in the latter case creating dysfunctional work environments. Before you deploy a single employee survey, it may be advisable to assess the situation in your company. Will your employees feel safe responding candidly to your surveys? If for any reason the answer to that is not a resounding yes, there may be some work to do before deploying your surveys. We often assist our customers take steps towards building a culture of trust. Without such a culture your run the risk of working with feedback that may lack integrity and hence reliability.

Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement
Zarca helps HR executives and managers measure both Employee Satisfaction and Employee Engagement through collection and analysis of high quality data. Once deployed, these studies can be run year after year without the usual overheads allowing for trend analysis. While Satisfaction studies have been widely deployed, Employee Engagement – a measure of discretionary effort employees are willing to put to help grow the business – has received the attention of HR executives. Zarca offers benchmarking capabilities so you can compare how Employee Engagement in your company compares with that at major corporations.

Employee 360 Surveys
360 Surveys are unique in that they provide feedback to an employee from multiple perspectives. Such feedback is useful in helping each employee understand how their contribution and performance are viewed by co-workers with whom they interact with on a regular basis. Participation by all team members in the survey process leads to team-building. It helps HR executives identify potential leaders in various areas of their company’s operations. Some companies expand the scope of 360 surveys to include external stakeholders such as clients, vendors and partners. Zarca’s solution streamlines the logistics of a 360 survey with a convenient survey participation and reporting interface.

Exit Surveys
Employee retention is a significant metric to most HR executives. However, an in-depth understanding of the factors that cause employees to leave a company requires a systematic process to conduct exit interviews. Zarca helps its clients deploy a processes-driven survey that enables the collection of high quality feedback from departing employees. Our solution removes the usual stumbling blocks that lead to “sugar-coated” responses, helping uncover the true reasons. This helps companies to address the relevant areas such as compensation, career development or other factors that departing employees may identify.

Management Effectiveness Studies
Management Effectiveness measures the performance of a company’s management. The survey lets employees rate management performance in a variety of areas such as leadership, motivation, execution, delegation and conflict management. HR managers use Effectiveness studies to identify development issues.

Benchmarking Studies
Benchmarking studies allow a company to compare its performance scores with those of its peer companies. Zarca offers both US-based and International benchmarking capabilities to its customers in employee engagement studies.