Whether your company is just starting with surveys or you are migrating to a centrally managed enterprise feedback solution, we can assist you.
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Our Solution Meets Your Style and Size Requirements

Flexible Solution and Pricing for our Diverse Clients
Recognizing the diversity of our customers' needs, Zarca Interactive'sonline survey platform is designed such that you pay only for the modules that you use and from which you derive value.

Individual, Departmental and Enterprise Deployment
Many of our customers are brand-new to online surveying. Their needs are simple, often limited to their immediate initiative, and perhaps growing over time to several more. Other customers need a Departmental deployment, which allows multiple users at the same time. Yet other companies are working with hundreds of survey users at multiple locations. For them, surveying is a company-wide strategic activity that requires an enterprise-strength solution backed by an organization they can trust for data security, system availability and support. No matter your size or survey needs, Zarca is committed to a successful collaboration.

Hosted (ASP), Self-Hosted and White-Labeled Solution
For the majority of our customers, we host and manage our survey software. However, if your business requires a solution to be hosted within your own data center, we can accommodate that need as well. Or you may need a higher level of customization through what is called a White-Labeled approach. Whatever your requirement, we're here to support you.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or Managed Service Projects
While many clients use our software to create and manage their own surveys with assistance from their Relationship Managers, we also offer Managed Survey Projects, whereby we take responsibility for the entire process, creating, deploying and running reports for your survey. Whatever the scope of your project needs, your Zarca Relationship Manager will assist you accordingly.

Phone and Paper Surveys
We support phone surveys in both outbound and inbound modes; phone-based survey interviews may be conducted by a computer or a human operator. We also support data collection by paper surveys. Regardless how it’s collected, all survey data is integrated into a single database for analysis and reporting.

Automated/Process-Integrated Surveys
We're happy to help you integrate surveys with existing business processes. For example, a survey invitation may be automatically sent to your customers everytime they interact with your company. Such process-integrated surveying helps monitor and improve the effectiveness of your Call Center operations and your customer website experience.