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Advanced Features to Improve Response Rates

Response Rates: The Key Ingredient to Meaningful Surveying
High response rates for surveys make the data you collect more meaningful and more useful for extracting well-founded insights. There are several ways organizations can continually receive response rates at or near 100 percent.

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This advanced feature shortens the time needed to complete a survey by routing respondents ahead of non-relevant questions, based on their answer(s) to a previous question.

This advanced feature pre-fills already-known personal information about respondents (name, title, company, etc.) directly into their surveys. By eliminating the need to ask certain demographic questions, survey administrators conserve valuable survey space and time needed to complete it.

Intelligent Looping
This advanced feature allows survey creators to save space on a survey by asking a numerical question (e.g. How many TVs do you own?) and then “looping” a series of questions based on the respondent’s answer (e.g. What brand? What size?).

Touch Rules Manager
Having a comprehensive “Touch Rules” policy communicates to participants that their time and peace-of-mind are important to the organization administering the survey, and fosters a positive relationship.

Anonymous surveys
Allowing participants who are reluctant to be identified to respond to an anonymous survey will increase their chances of participation.