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Make a Compelling Case Why Someone Should Take Your Survey

Communicate Trust in Survey Relationship

It’s vital that you immediately communicate trust and confidence that your email invite is not Spam and that individuals can feel safe in opening it.

This can be done by properly formatting both the subject line and the main content of your invite.

Communicate Interest in Survey Relationship

Survey Administrators must garner people’s interest in their survey in order to increase response rates for online surveys.

To do this, Survey Administrators should convey that respondents’ feedback will assist in decision-making and fuel organizational change. This makes participants feel important, and like they’re a part of something larger than themselves.

Also, letting people know that they won’t receive any invitations for a certain amount of time (6 months, one year, etc.) after they complete one of your surveys communicates that you respect their space and value their participation.

At the end of the day, Survey Administrators need to be building and preserving valuable survey relationships with their stakeholders so response rates will stay high and survey research is viable.