Online Surveys

About Zarca

Corporate Mission

Zarca's mission is to enable our clients to become leaders in their industries by empowering them to capture and analyze timely and accurate insights from their most valuable constituencies: customers/members, employees, and partners.

Our goal is to change the way businesses make forward-thinking decisions by offering them the whole picture of not only what their stakeholders are doing (sales, event attendance, fundraising, etc.), but also what they are thinking (perceptions, opinions, ideas, etc.).

These perceptions can support data-driven decisions by either affirming or refuting what their quantitative analysis, or "numbers", are saying.

Example: Customer Satisfaction

A large computer manufacturer is analyzing quarterly revenue results for a specific line of PCs and sees that it has exceeded original sales projections. But before ramping up production, Marketing distributes a customer satisfaction survey and discovers that a significant percentage of respondents had bad experiences in post-sale service.

Based solely on the sales figures, this company would have not known about the customer service issues and could possibly have experienced excess product inventory and an increase in holding costs. By pairing quantitative analysis with the survey of their customers, this company is improving customer satisfaction, avoiding a public relations mess, and effectively protecting their profits.

Example: Employee Engagement

Management is looking to promote several employees to managerial positions based on the next round of quarterly reviews. Based on evaluations and individual merit, they've identified several strong candidates for advancement.

But before management begins to attract them with a range of benefits (e.g. salary increase, office upgrade, increased input in high-level decisions, etc.), HR deploys online employee engagement surveys to probe these prospects on what incentives attract them the most to an advancement opportunity.

After learning what each prospective candidate desires most in a promotion, HR can tailor their pitches to each individual employee, maximize the candidate's interest in the opportunity, and ensure that each employee they're interested in is putting his/her best foot forward in the hope of being advanced.
" I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your help since we began using Zarca in June. I know that I've had to call or email you numerous times with questions and you've always been a great help! I don't know what type of recognition programs you have, but we have a WOW! Customer experience program. You have really lived up to that. Thank you so much for being responsive, understanding and attentive. "