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Online Surveys or other Survey Modes

Survey Research Mode

Determining the mode, or medium in which you deploy your surveys is an important element of your overall survey goals. How you reach your survey audience is a reflection of who you are surveying and has a significant affect on the amount of survey participation your surveys induce.

Although online surveys are by far the easiest method, both for the surveyor and the survey participants, there are some individuals who either don’t have Internet or email access, or may be fundamentally against taking online surveys.

These individuals represent the “digital divide”, or the segment of the population who do not have Internet access, and they must also be surveyed. For this segment, you can deploy other survey methods like paper or telephone surveys.

Data Import

Zarca’s Import feature allows Survey Administrators to download survey response data directly into the platform from outside applications like Access and Excel.

This feature allows your survey initiatives to be multi-modal and capture responses from individuals who don’t have Internet access, but who are nonetheless important stakeholders in your company or organization.