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Intelligent Data Collection

High-Quality Survey Results
Surveys would be pointless without the raw data collected from respondents that is analyzed and turned into actionable information. However, many times survey administrators do not give enough thought to validating data to ensure a high-level of quality, well-founded information.

If data is skewed by a respondent error than the entire data set is subject to being invalid. This can have big consequences when analyzing trends from the data, as any insights discovered from questionable data will likewise be questionable.

Zarca Validates Data
Zarca’s platform intuitively validates numerical information entered into survey answer fields. Each answer is verified within the context of the question.

For example, a simple question asking for a respondent’s date of birth will confirm each digit is logical within the parameters of the expected answer. So if someone accidentally enters one digit too many or one digit too few, the system will give the participant an error message, prompting them to correctly fill in the marked question.