Personalized Surveys

Gives Your Survey Strategy a Personal Touch


This powerful feature allows Survey Administrators to pre-populate a survey invitation, or survey reminder, with the personal information of the customer, employee, or other stakeholders.

Mail Merge personalizes the survey invitation for each survey respondent to include information such as: first name, last name and company name, as well as other attributes.

Participants value survey relationships and by not using a generic, default invitation, they are more likely to respond to your survey.

Personalize Web Survey Invitations with Mail Merge

Personalize Web Survey Invitations with Mail Merge

Mail Merge


This feature allows Administrators to shorten survey length by inputting any relevant, known information about respondents (name, gender, company, age, etc.) directly into the survey.

This eliminates the need for questions that extract personal information and other facts already known about survey participants. Pre-population also enhances your survey relationships because you identity with respondents by name and other personal information.

Save respondents time by pre-populating know information



Increase brand awareness and effective survey design by adding images of logos and other graphics to your survey.

By adding images to your survey that are relevant to your organization or the particular research topic, you appear more reputable and at the same time liven up the look and feel of your survey.

Add Image files to your survey

Add Images to your survey

Multimedia files

Like the Images feature, adding multimedia, like Flash and other animation, can enhance your survey design and make it more attractive to participants.

It is important to note that while images and multimedia can make for a more dynamic survey, Survey Administrators must find a healthy balance of such files added to surveys, so as not to overwhelm your participant from completing the survey.

Add Multimedia files to your survey

Add Multimedia files to your survey