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Reward Survey Participants

Increase Response Rates: Reward Participants Time and Feedback

Relationships are a two-way street, and survey relationships are no exceptions. To optimize response rates, Survey Administrators must be aware of the spatial issues associated with surveys and participants.

Rewarding participants is as simple as respecting their space. Don’t flood their inboxes with so many invites that their “survey fatigue” instinct kicks in and they just delete them all.

Sending too many survey invitations bothers participants and shows them that you don’t value the time they take to complete a survey or their personal space (even if email is in a virtual, not actual, space).

Get to know your survey respondents. Understand how they feel about how many surveys are appropriate to take. Then, tailor that knowledge to your survey initiatives, to ensure you are taking a balanced approach when inviting individuals to participate in your surveys.