Survey Branding

Survey Look and Feel

Although the content is ultimately the most important design aspect of your surveys, branding your survey and making it aesthetically pleasing are important considerations for Survey Administrators.

Under Survey Settings, the “Look and Feel’’ tab allows for the creation of custom surveys through editable color schemes, font types, and sizes.

Survey Administrators have the option of:

  • Matching the template to their website
  • Selecting from the list of Zarca default templates, or:
  • Customizing their own template
  • Saving their customized survey template and
  • Selecting a font type and size

Matching the survey template to your Website is an attractive option that helps easily brand your online surveys to your company or organization.

By simply entering the web address, our systems pull your website’s dominant color schemes, as well as logos and other images that appear frequently on the site, and apply a seamless aesthetic to your surveys.

Survey Administrators can also insert their own images and multimedia files directly into surveys via the Edit Survey interface.