Too Many Surveys

Preserve Survey Relationships: Don’t Send Too Many Invites/Reminders

How many surveys is too many? The exact number depends on several factors.

First, you need to take a look at your survey initiative:

  • Is your plan large, medium, or small in scope?
  • How many surveys are you deploying within a year?
  • How many people are being sent invites to each survey?
  • What are your participants like? Are they used to taking surveys?

Once you’ve brainstormed these issues, it will become clearer how often you should contact someone to participate in a survey to ensure high response rates.

If you’re still unclear as to how many surveys constitute the tipping point between active participation and survey fatigue, just put yourself in your participants’ shoes.

If you were in their situation, how many surveys would you feel comfortable taking within the span of a year? We feel that one or two surveys a year is a good amount to avoid survey fatigue.