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Post Event Surveys

Gain Insight on the Effectiveness of Events
The purpose of a post event survey is to gather the opinions of your attendees on how they perceived the event. What areas did you excel in and what could you do in future events to improve the experience of participants. These questions can easily be answered through a simple post event survey.

By developing them online, you can ensure attendees can respond to the post event surveys soon upon returning back from the event. You can also personalize areas of the survey based on which specific meeting an attendee may have participated in.

Areas of Interest in Post Event Surveys
Surveys deployed right after an event can garner critical feedback from attendees. You can find out how attendees heard about your event, what they expected to gain from the event and to what extent that expectation was met. You can gather attendees’ opinions on how easy it was to register for the event, attendees’ expectation of going to next year’s event and their satisfaction and importance ratings for various areas of the event (guest speakers, panel discussions, networking opportunities, etc.).