Data Analysis & Reporting
Zarca's industry-leading, robust analytic tools and reports go beyond mere averages with advanced drill-down and slicing capabilities.
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Data Analysis & Reporting

Arguably the most valuable area of survey research, survey reporting and analysis turns raw data into actionable insights that help your business move forward. Zarca Interactive provides the highest-quality survey reporting and analysis engine in the industry and allows you to drill-down deep into results without any experience in data analysis.
11 Robust Out-Of-Box Reports
Zarca’s survey reporting and analysis solution boasts nearly a dozen analytic formats to extract a range of correlations and trends among various sets of your survey results.

From the simplest needs, such as a classic bar graph for a quick representation of results, to a more complex Pivot Table that allows cross tabulation of a question with any combination of questions, our survey reporting and analysis tools offer broad mining capabilities to extract the insights you need.

Each report offers a different angle on interpreting the data and supports:
  • Trend analysis
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Frequency and statistical discovery
  • Conditional analysis
  • Cross tabulation
  • Quantifiable open-text responses
Custom Charts and Graphs
We also provide 10 custom options for sharply-designed charts and graphs to make your presentations eye-catching and powerful.

Share Reports Instantly
Deadlines are becoming shorter and executives want results as quick as possible. Meet the demands of a fast-paced environment with our Email Reports feature. When you’re finished generating a report, simply click the Email Report icon at the bottom of the page