As you've probably already heard, Zarca Interactive clients will become Sogolytics clients this winter. Here are a few questions we've been hearing, along with the answers:

When is this happening?
  • December
What do I need to do?
  • Nothing. Your URLs, IP address, physical servers, domains, hosting -- everything remains the same. The only changes you'll see are in the branding on our product, support resources, and website.
But do I need to move all of my surveys/lists/data?
  • No, it will all still be available for you.
Will my pricing change?
  • No, you'll keep the same payment plan.
Is my data moving?
  • No, your data is still safe in the same secure location. Your URLs, IP address, physical servers, domains, and hosting all remain the same.
Do I need to update whitelisting or domain authentication or anything like that?
  • No, not at this time.
Do I still get to talk to my Account Manager?
  • Yes, absolutely! Plus, you'll be able to connect with an expanded team of support and training professionals to help ensure you and your projects are successful.
How will I know when it happens?
  • Once this change is live, you'll see a splash page when you log into your account and an updated logo in many locations. Everything else will look pretty much the same.