Customize Invitations

Custom Invites
Survey administrators can fully customize their invitations to online surveys via Zarca's Distribution Manager.

Subject Line, Email Address, Body Content, Colors and Images
Users can customize the sender's name and the email address that will receive replies (the sender's email). Likewise, you can easily customize the subject line and the content of the email invite to maximize the chances that recipients will open the email and proceed with the survey. You can modify the font type and the color of the invite, as well as add images and format the background colors.

Opt-Outs and Mail-Merge
Users can also choose to include a customized opt-out message with the invite. To give your invites a personal touch, you can implement the Mail-Merge feature, which pre-populates personal information like name, title, company, etc., directly into the invite.

Effective Invites Boost Response Rates
The real objective of customizing invitations to take surveys is to increase response rates. If the recipients of your invites trust that the subject line indicates it’s not Spam, they will most likely open your invite. If you customize the tone and appearance of the body of your invite, people will most likely click through and proceed with taking your survey.

Below is the “Customize Invitation” page, where users can modify a range of invite attributes to maximize recipient participation

Customize Invitations in Online Surveys