Embed a Survey

How to Create an Embedded Survey

Why Create an Embedded Survey

Embedding a brief survey directly on your web page has many advantages:

  • Visitors can take the survey and can even see feedback results without ever leaving your website
  • The survey looks like it's an integral part of your web page, boosting your brand
  • Embedded surveys work for any kind of data or feedback collection - registration forms, questionnaires, polls, etc.—thereby simplifying the process and eliminating the need for an HTML form designed by your IT team.
  • You can easily redirect completed survey participants to another page on your website, maximizing their visit

Sample Embedded Survey: Registration Form

For instance, a great way to use embedded surveys is to create a registration form. The form below was created using embedded surveys within minutes. In fact, Zarca's webinar registration form was created using the embedded surveys feature.

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